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Comment expliquer la bioinformatique à votre grand-mère

Le Student Council de l’ISCB a lancé récemment une série d’articles relatant de différents sujets comme les conférences, le développement de carrière ou la science interactive. L’article qui introduit la série est : The Regional Student Group Program of the ISCB Student Council: Stories from the Road. Ce mois-ci est paru le second article de la série à propos de vulgarisation scientifique : Explain Bioinformatics to Your Grandmother!, dont voici l’abstract :

What are you working on? You have certainly been asked that question many times, whether it be at a Saturday night party, during a discussion with your neighbors, or at a family gathering. Communicating with a lay audience about scientific subjects and making them attractive is a difficult task. But difficult or not, you will have to do it for many years, not only with your family and friends, but also with your colleagues and collaborators. So, better learn now! Although not usually taught, the ability to explain your work to others is an essential skill in science, where communication plays a key role. Using some examples of the French Regional Student Group activities, we discuss here (i) why it is important to have such communication skills, (ii) how you can get involved in these activities by using existing resources or working with people who have previous experience, and (iii) what you get out of this amazing experience. We aim to motivate you and provide you with tips and ideas to get involved in promoting scientific activities while getting all the benefits.

Comme vous pourrez le voir, ce second article est largement inspiré des actions du RSG-France (JeBiF).