Our projects

Current projects

  • Organisation of JeBiF Workshop held while JOBIM 2013
  • Resume database
  • Collaboration with SFBI
  • Collaboration with Bioinfo-fr
  • Teaching kit for holiday camps
  • Breakfast meetings (P’ti déj JeBiF) [T/N (Translator’s Note): P’ti déj is a shortener standing for Petit déjeuner]

Past projects

  • 2008, September: Project design, bylaws and missions statements, declaration of the association’s creation with the Préfecture of Bordeaux
  • 2009, January: Creation and publication of the first version of the website jebif.fr
  • 2009, June: JeBiF Workshop : Les opportunités en bioinformatique en France [Bioinformatics opportunities in France], JOBIM Nantes
  • 2009, June: Presentation of the association while JOBIM, while the general meeting of SFBI, getting in touch with different associations and formations
  • 2009, September: Introduction of bioinfo-discussmailing-list with web-interface (Gmane), over 200 subscribers
  • 2010, September: JeBiF Workshop : Débuter une carrière en bioinformatique [Starting a career in Bioinformatics] , at JOBIM Montpellier
  • 2010, September: Organisation of the first student symposium while ECCB10 (Ghent, Belgium) in collaboration with RSG Europe
  • 2010, October: Increasing collaboration with École de l’ADN of Angers and setting up of a game/workshop titled “Loup y es-tu ?
  • 2010, December: Introduction of the JeBiF pubs
  • 2011, June: P’ti déj JeBiF : Working in the private sector: with or without a PhD at Paris 7 in collaboration with AMBI.
  • 2011, June: JeBiF Workshop : Métiers et carrières de la bioinformatique [Jobs and careers in Bioinformatics], JOBIM Paris
  • 2011, December: Setting up of a Facebook page and a Twitter account
  • 2011, December: Deployment of the second version of the website jebif.fr
  • 2011, December: P’ti déj JeBiF : Do research abroad at Evry.
  • 2012, July: JeBiF Workshop : Les jeunes bioinformaticiens face aux défis de demain [Young bioinformaticians meeting the challenges of Tomorrow], JOBIM Rennes
  • 2012, December: Setting-up of the Bioinformations in collaboration with SFBI and Bioinfo-fr.net